Beattie's Springfling 2017!


Our BIG event took place on April 6th, 2017. What a great night it was!! The theme this year was

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The Great Pirate Adventure!






Things we want our parents and community members to know about Spring Fling this year…

Dear Beattie Parents and Community members,

There is so much we want to tell you about the Great Pirate Adventure Spring Fling Event on April 6th from 5-8 p.m. Below we have some important information we want you to know about.

    1. All of the games that the kids love to play are included with the price of the wristband! (food and face painting are extra) They will earn tickets toward prizes. The students are free to earn as many prizes as they want. We will substitute prizes once a prize tier has run out.

    2. Credit and Debit cards accepted!!! We will have access to “PayPal Here” in the media center to pay for wristbands, your winning auction items, etc. The media center will be used for information, will-call, payments and silent auction registrations.

    3. $10 event bracelets and $5 Food Vouchers will be on sale at the event

    4. The silent auction will be held in the gymnasium and will be in 3 color-coded sections. You must register in the media center for a bid number (no charge) before bidding on any items. Sections will close in 15 minute increments starting at 7:00 We use auction software to help the process run smoothly. If you are bidding, we ask that you stay so you can pay and pick up your items at the end of the night.

      We need YOU for various things that evening. Please fill out the section below if you are willing to help out. Thank you so much for your participation!!!

Your Name:_________________________________Student’s name & grade (if applicable):______________________________

Your Phone Number:___________________________Email:______________________________________________

______   _______I am or will soon be a PSD registered volunteer and I want to help out the night of the event in any way I can (even if it’s for a ½ hour).
                    (Someone on the Spring Fling Committee will contact you with specifics.)

______   ________I would love to donate a hand-made item to the silent auction. I will have it done and turned in to the office by Friday March 31st.

______   ________I will donate a bag of candy (i.e. chocolate bite size or regular size bars, fruit snacks in individual bags, etc.)

 _______ I will donate a store-bought baked item for the cake walk (run by Girl Scouts Troop 160).