What is BAT?

The Beattie Action Team focuses on the welfare and education of the students at Beattie Elementary School. This group serves as an open forum and provides information to the Beattie community. BAT represents Beattie Elementary within Poudre School District, facilitates communication among Beattie committees, offers direction for fund-raising and expenditures, and promotes parental involvement.

The Beattie Action Team (BAT), our parent/teacher organization meets the first Thursday of the month in the media center from 3:20 - 4:30 p.m.  All parents are invited to participate in the BAT meeting.

Current 2017-2018 Members of the BAT Team:

BAT Co-Chairs: Andrea Basalay (Tillie Peart - Co Chair-Elect 2018-2019) & Janell Osborn

Treasurer: Lori Kirchner (Natalie Sterling  - Treasurer-Elect 2018-2019)

Volunteer Coordinator: Heidi Madden (Andrea Basalay - Volunteer Coordinator-Elect 2018-2019)

DAB Representative (District Advisory Board): OPEN and Alternate: 

BLT  (Beattie Leadership Team) representative: OPEN

BNO Coordinator: Dawna Susa

Fall Frolic Coordinator: BAT Team

Spring Fling Coordinator: Janell Osborn (Tillie Peart - Spring Fling Coordinator-Elect 2018-2019)

Graphic Design, website, Facebook, Movie Night Coordinator: Janell Osborn

Staff Members:  Dave Patterson and rotating members of the teacher staff